What Makes A Good Investment Piece?

With the right research you can make decisions with more confidence and create a solid collectors investment portfolio.

Several factors make up the overall investment value i.e. the item’s potential for resale at a higher price. This is determined by the following:


People buy collector items that they connect with on an emotional level, so it makes sense that good investment items are often mainstream, popular culture items with a broad range of fans. A super bowl game ball will have more value than a shuttlecock from the world badminton championships, as more people are interested in football than badminton.


The rarer the item, the more value it has and the more potential for an increase in value. For example, a signed original Star Wars movie poster has better potential for resale than an unsigned Star Wars movie poster.


It goes without saying that the better the condition of the item, the better the chances of it holding its value and being resold in the future. While some wear and tear is reasonable and to be expected (according the age of the item), anything damaged or broken is probably not a worthy investment. Condition must be weighed up with other factors and should not be the overriding factor! If something is extremely rare and in demand, then it’s condition does not matter too much. Conversely, if an item is not too rare and not particularly in-demand but is in excellent condition compared to other items of it’s kind, then this will probably be a good investment.


The older the item the more value it holds (generally speaking). So if you are considering taking a leap of faith and investing in something, look for old items that also hold cultural significance and are in good condition.


If you think you’re buying an authentic item, you need to see the evidence with a certificate! Replica’s can also hold value but nowhere near as much as originals can.

As with all investments (like property or the stock market) the best you can do is make an informed decision, after all, nothing is certain and investments by their very nature are a risk. Good luck! And remember you can never do too much research.

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